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The Election

Studying abroad in a foreign country for an extended period of time usually implies that you will fall out of current events happening in your home country, whether it’s the news or music, you miss what’s happening in your homeland. But because the US is always in the news, and everyone listens to American music, […]

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So now that I am midway through the semester, well more than midway but I do will not dwell on that fact, I have adequate material to put into my blog. I first want to talk about my excursions to Holland. I have visited the Netherlands on two occasions, first a day trip to Amsterdam, […]

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planning service trip

Since Hurricane Katrina hit, I have been down to the Gulf Coast eight times with the Youth Leadership Council of a group called the Howell PAL (Police Athletic League). I have chaperoned various trips, including several leadership conferences across the country, for them and more recently, started a dance studio this past summer for them back home […]

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