Un mes mas…..

Tengo un mes mas?! How did this happen. Just finished a second month of intensive spanish classes! This last month I will just have my elective classes so that means a lot more free time and longer weekends! Is weekend was my first “lay low” weekend since I’ve been here! Ayer mis amigos y yo fuimos a Jaco beach for a second time..the closest beach bus ride from San Jose about an hour and a half or dos horas! The waves were muy muy grande! Hoy, was the latest I have slept in since getting here.. 10am! Proxima fin de semana mi programa y yo vamos a ir a Corcovado National Park for our second excursion! It is known for its diverse wildlife and looks pretty sweet! Hoping to snag some more good pictures of wildlife then! Until next time..pura vida!

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