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Studying Abroad… While Studying Abroad

I never anticipated that while studying abroad in Chile, I would have ample opportunities to travel internationally.  However, to my surprise, I did!  As a result, I decided to take advantage of those opportunities.  I realized that traveling to different countries neighboring Chile was a really great way to compare cultures and more fully both […]

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On Holiday

April 19th, was Census Day here in Chile.  The census occurs every four years and is carried out by individual census volunteers going to every home in the country and having the residents living in those homes fill out different documents.  Consequently, everything shuts down on that day, including schools and universities.  As a result, a few friends and […]

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Finding a New Home in Chile

I was very nervous for my semester abroad in Chile.  Although I had already traveled extensively abroad – and even lived in Latin America – this was the first time I was going to be traveling in another country by myself.  I was also nervous because I was not sure how my Spanish would fare […]

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