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I have not written in a while – I apologize. Today I went to a picnic with an association where I have one of my internships. There were about twenty kids that went and they came with their families – moms, dads, sisters and brothers, grandparents – and we had a great time. It was […]

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This past week was the holiday of Semana Santa in Sevilla, which is a huge celebration leading up to Easter. During this time, many students and/or Sevillanos either watch the celebration or travel. Many people, including myself, chose to travel instead of staying because the city becomes very, very crowded. People from all over come […]

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Mi Señora, Ana

This past week has really been an adventure getting to know my wonderful, warm señora, Ana, better. Her daughter, Lucia, came down from Barcelona to visit this past Sunday, so Ana asked if I wanted to go out with them to a Plaza to buy tapas with her, her sister, her daughter, and her niece. […]

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I finally, finally saw a Flamenco show this past week with Katie when she visited. It was amazing, and now I want to become a Flamenco dancer, even though I found out these professionals have been dancing since they’ve started walking (which is not exactly my skill level). I never realized the passion, the intensity, […]

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Empiezo mi practica

Last week marked the beginning of my three hundred hour internship – Whew! I can say that starting this week, I am definitely feeling the fatigue of the language barrier getting to me, as I spend the majority of my days at either one of my two internships. One of them is working in hydrotherapy […]

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La Huelga

Uf! The huelga (strike) of the trash collectors in Sevilla just ended a few days ago. This was a major event that was a major event that was occurring here since I arrived a couple weeks ago, and the smell from the trash was getting to be difficult. However, the strike is now over and […]

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Una Semana

It hasn’t even been una semana yet and a mi me encanta la ciudad de Sevilla y los Sevillanos. The culture of Sevilla, España is warm, welcoming, very energetic, yet also carefree all at the same time. I moved in with my Señora (my adoptive mom for the tres meses I am here) last Thursday […]

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In Denial

I am leaving January 30 to go to a completely new world. Knowing no one. Having to trust complete strangers, a different culture, and my host family to teach me the ropes. In a completely different language that I am not comfortable speaking. Nervous? That’s not even the word to describe it. In my eyes […]

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