La Huelga

Uf! The huelga (strike) of the trash collectors in Sevilla just ended a few days ago. This was a major event that was a major event that was occurring here since I arrived a couple weeks ago, and the smell from the trash was getting to be difficult. However, the strike is now over and the piles and piles of trash in the streets are finally being removed.

We talked about “la huelga de los basureros” in class and the Center kept us up to date on what was going on. The strike deeply affected the

La Huelga de los basureros

La Huelga de los basureros

tourism of the city and there was worry it was going to start affecting the hygiene of the sevillanos. A picture of what the trash looked like in the street is attached, and also attached is an article of what the strike involved. USA Today “Seville Garbage Strike Leaves a Big Stink”

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