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Things to Do in Oxford, England

While I didn’t have as much time in Oxford as I would have liked due to the coronavirus pandemic, I certainly squeezed as many activities as possible into my time at St. Clare’s. I was fortunate enough to meet someone from my college who studied in Oxford a year before I did, and gave me […]

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Oh the places I’ve gone

Having a blog is pretty weird for me, but it’ll allow me to rant about my awesome experiences. As I write this, I have officially been in Spain for two weeks, and it has been 11 days since I arrived in Sevilla. As some of you know, when I left for Spain, I posted on […]

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living a dream: part 1

Even on the rainiest of days, England has a way of enchanting its visitors. As I write this, I am looking out of my dorm room window at the roof of the home directly opposite my bed, with a chimney pumping out smoke to heat the building. Although the sky is not particularly bright or […]

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We Out Here!

Let’s see. I feel kind of crazy having my own blog, it’s kind of like a Gossip Girl moment, but instead of all the drama it’s me going off about my study abroad experience. I am currently in London, England, and I just got back from a weekend away with my program (CIEE). We went […]

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Reverse Culture Shock & Reflections

FRIENDS! I returned from my almost six months abroad in Seville, Spain about a week ago now and there is so much to unpack [mentally, of course]. I’m currently experiencing what we like to call “Reverse Culture Shock”. It’s what happens sometimes when we re-enter our home country after being away for a significant amount of […]

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The End of an Era

FOUR DAYS OF SCHOOL. TWO DAYS OF EXAMS. That is what stands between me and summer vacation. Truth be told, most of my time abroad has felt like a very mild vacation. My classes weren’t as demanding and I got to travel on the weekends; basically this semester felt like a really long spring break. I […]

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