Chasing horizons with Montse

Oxford has been more than just an academic journey for me; it has been a chapter filled with friendships, traditions, and dreams come to life. The bonds I’ve formed here have turned this trip into an intimate and unforgettable experience. From group trips and solo adventures to cherished late-night chats, these connections have transformed my time at Oxford into something truly special. Our shared moments, whether during movie nights after long study sessions or happy hours at the Varsity Club, have created a sense of belonging that feels like family.

The friendships I’ve made at Oxford have been among the most rewarding portions of my trip. I’ve met people on both group trips and solo adventures that have grown to be close friends. Our shared experiences, late-night chats, and support of one another have helped us to bond. These relationships have changed my experience at Oxford, turning it from merely an academic to a really intimate trip. This experience has been incredibly unique because of the fun, companionship, and sense of belonging. Movie nights are my favorite as we all just come together after a long, studious day and enjoy each other’s company. I look forward to building on these friendships once our time here is over, even becoming possible roommates with some of the girls. The trust and mutual respect we have developed make these bonds feel like family. We have a lot of joyous and funny memories from our time together, from late-night talks to happy hour at varsity club. Every moment in Oxford feels extra special since these friends have grown to be like a second family. Even though our time together is coming to a close, I have no doubt that these friendships will endure and help us in the years to come.

Officially called the Elizabeth Tower, Big Ben is a tribute to Victorian engineering and a famous emblem of London. It is a symbol of British history because of its commanding appearance and accurate clock. The highlight of my trip was seeing Big Ben, which brought back nostalgia of my childhood. Even though I had traveled to London as a child, seeing Big Ben as an adult brought back memories of visiting the city for the first time. The encounter was made much more memorable by the iconic clock tower, which generated strong memories and deepened my connection to this amazing city. Since I was a small child, I have always wanted to live in England, and my most recent trip to the city has just made that goal stronger. Being able to revisit valued childhood memories, while creating new ones in the present was truly special. Moving to England is an exciting and meaningful possibility, especially since I will have the chance to continue exploring this dynamic country in the future, If i do intend on moving here (which is a huge possibility). 

Our group has gotten closer by beginning a new ritual in Oxford, which has enhanced our time here by creating a feeling of family and community. The start of this appreciated tradition goes back to Jenna and Thomas’s birthdays. I decided to make dinner for everyone as a way to celebrate, setting an atmosphere of comfort and familiarity. Everyone was excited and appreciative when I prepared a tasty pasta meal and served it with warm garlic bread. The joy of sharing a home-cooked meal, coupled with the laughter and conversations around the table, was a comforting opposed to our usual routine of dining out. Seeing the importance of these times, we all agreed to establish this as a weekly ritual. We enjoy a weekly lunch together at the table, enjoying not only the food but also the bonding experience and sense of community it provides.

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