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From Korea to the US…

I can’t believe that my time here in Korea has gone by so fast! I’ve already taken one of my finals and things are starting to wind down during my last two weeks here. In this post I will tell you about some of the “Korean” things that my American friends and I do here […]

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Korean Pop Culture

When most Americans first glance at Korean pop culture, most are confused. They see bright colors, interesting fashion and makeup, and top quality music videos complete with perfectly choreographed dances and story lines that oftentimes don’t make sense. There has often been a debate around the issue of whether or not Korean pop music could […]

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Quite Possibly the Best Day of My Life

October the tenth of the year two-thousand and fifteen: Quite possibly the best day of my life.. I was going to make this blog post about more cultural differences between South Korea and the United States and I was going to wait a couple more weeks until I published it… But then… October tenth happened. […]

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The Sunny Side of Seoul

If Study Abroad has taught me anything so far, it’s that a positive attitude makes a world of a difference. When I left home, I worried that travel might make me ill-humored. I was also terrified that the South Korea I imagined in my mind wouldn’t live up to the real country. Boy was I wrong. […]

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Seoul Week 1

Where to begin…? Seoul is.. Seoul is PERFECT.  When I finally sat down to write this post and I thought about everything that I experienced in my first week here in Seoul, I became overwhelmed. Where do I start? Well I guess the best way to introduce you to Seoul is by retelling my journey! […]

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The Land that Captured My Seoul

To most Americans when you mention Korea, they think of the Korean War, crazy communists, dishes containing dog meat, and Psy’s Gangnam Style. However, these stereotypes about Korea are just about as accurate as a foreigner saying that all Americans eat at McDonald’s each week, are fat, have dazzling white teeth, and are dumb. Korea […]

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