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I Left My Bus In Quepos

I’m sure you have all seen the shirts that say,”I left my heart in (insert town here)”. They’re funny, but I never thought I would buy one – until this weekend that is. However, mine would need some alterations, to say, “I left my [bus] in [Quepos]”. After staying in San Jose for an entire […]

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Proceed With Caution

If the Beatles were around today and looking for a place to shoot the infamous cover  for their album, “Abbey Road” – San Jose, Costa Rica would not be the place to do so. Lets just say we would have four squished beetles on the road. Throughout  most of Costa Rica, but especially in the […]

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The Motherland of Hot Tubs

If you ask my friends back home what it is that I love more than anything in this world, they would probably tell you it’s hot tubs. They would be right. I am a self-procalimed hot-tub-ologist and have been known to prune and disappear inside these tubs of heaven. Luckily for me, Costa Rica is […]

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