The Motherland of Hot Tubs

If you ask my friends back home what it is that I love more than anything in this world, they would probably tell you it’s hot tubs. They would be right. I am a self-procalimed hot-tub-ologist and have been known to prune and disappear inside these tubs of heaven.


Luckily for me, Costa Rica is home to the motherland of hot tubs – the natural hot springs. Located in the northern part of the country, in a small town called La Fortuna, these hot springs are a result of the Arenal Volcano. A magnificent landscape that seems to sit on top of the town from a distance.


Although there are many different springs throughout the town, my friends and I chose to make reservations with Eco Termales, a higher- end option located in the heart of the rainforest surrounded by the lush Costa Rican landscape.


Upon arrival, my jaw dropped – literally. No amount of Googling  could have prepared me for the pristine view that was in front of me. Water falls, detailed stone work and the green of the rainforest blended to create a tropical paradise which would be mine for 4 hours.


And yes – I used all 4 hours. My friends and I varied between the different pools, unanimously agreeing on the highest in alltitude and hottest in temperature as our favorite. Offering the amazing views of the sunset and having it’s own waterfall, this hot spring led me to believe I had died and went to a National Geographic magazine.


As I floated around, and chatted in spanish with the locals I realized that I was living the coolest thing I had ever done in my life. I had never been to such a naturally pure place in my life, totally one with nature. The sun set and the steam off the water seems all like a dream now, but there is no denying that it happened and that I visited the motherland of hot tubs.

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