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The Final Farewell…NO!!!!!

It is currently 2:05 am Florence time May 16, 2015, and in less than twelve hours I will be on a plane back to the States :'( I honestly have no words to describe how sad and depressed I am right now. Leaving Florence, AND Italy-a place that I’ve come to love much more than […]

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Italia is Where My Heart is Lying

I have a strong feeling that when I get back to the US, I’m going to feel incredibly HOMESICK for ITALY!!!! Every day I explore this city and country I become so enthralled with the culture, language, and just everything about it (It’s hard to put into words). I just saw Michelangelo’s David yesterday. And […]

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Fifty Shades d’Italia

Now to try and push OUT the giant elephant I just brought into the room- in order to try and embrace the Italian culture (in this particular case listening to the language) I decided to see a movie in Italian and as could be deciphered by the title, that movie was: Content aside, I was […]

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Welcoming in Florence.

First off, this was taken from inside the restaurant of my hotel. And to me this is what makes this experience real. I’d dreamed of going to Italy for 10+ years, and now I’m really here. But more so than just “wanting” to come here, academically I wanted to gain a greater concept of Art […]

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