The Final Farewell…NO!!!!!

It is currently 2:05 am Florence time May 16, 2015, and in less than twelve hours I will be on a plane back to the States :'(

I honestly have no words to describe how sad and depressed I am right now. Leaving Florence, AND Italy-a place that I’ve come to love much more than I thought I would is just too much for me.

I’m gonna miss this so much, the local friends I’ve made, being so close to all the historical monuments, and museums. And having easy access to other regions in Italy.

I, as well as many other students, were told that college is the time where one tries to, or will find oneself, And for me I think it was coming here because when I compare my life pre-study abroad to now, I’m much more happy and appreciative of the Italian culture and how much it means to them (in terms of their festivities and restorations of historical buildings), as well as MY willingness to embrace it with them.

I’ve come to realize that though I want to continue developing as an artist, I’d be happy working at a museum for the remainder of my life, and because of that I’m not afraid to fail in reaching that point of becoming my own person as an artist with a distinct style because I’d love my back up plan.

So does that mean I wanna come back: Absolutely,

Does that mean I want to live here: Yes, but that’s more of a Fantasy goal at this point.

Right now, I’m thinking of finishing my BA in studio art, then maybe going to graduate school to study Art History with a concentration in Italian Renaissance (if I can do that)

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