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From France to Valpo, Chile

After studying for a month in France, I am currently sitting in my Chilean host family’s beautiful house with no central heating in the winter. But winter to them is like the end of fall for us northern folk. My city is located right on the ocean where I can see tons of sea lions […]

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France, oh how I will miss thee

  With one week left, I have so much to look back on. I have been taking classes at Stendhal University (Grenoble III) at C.U.E.F. I absolutely love everyone I have met in my classes. Everyone is from some different country whether it be Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Libya, South Korea, China, Netherlands, U.S, or Iran. […]

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Grenoble, France

After a long and complicated trip, I have finally made it to Grenoble, France. It is so weird hearing French all the time instead of English. Grenoble is truly a cultural gem. The people are very forgiving if my French is a little off, in comparison to the Parisians who respond in English instead of […]

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