Food In Japan > Food Everywhere Else

So many things have surprised me since arriving in Japan, but one thing that particularly stands out is how absolutely delicious all the food is here. Before arriving in Japan, I knew that there would be really great traditional Japanese dishes such as sushi, okonomiyaki, and ramen. However, I was not prepared for the diversity, […]

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All Green Everything

Saint Paddy’s Day in Ireland?? Welp, get ready for green beer, green hair and so much Irish pride. I had been looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland from the moment I got accepted at UCC. Originally, I wanted to spend the day in Ireland’s capital city, Dublin, but because of scheduling conflicts I […]

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Salve? We Don’t Know Her.

Just kidding. But in all seriousness, I’ve been in Europe for a crazy long time and sometimes it feels like years since I’ve seen all my friends and family (even though it has only been, like, three months). As much as I miss home, I know that being in Germany is where I want to […]

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living a dream: part 2

Today marks the 60th day that I’ve been in London. sixty whole days. dang. In that time, I’ve visited new places, made new friends, and seen so so much. Not only have I done a lot, but I’ve also felt a lot as well. Just as one imagines the UK to be, there are quite […]

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Carnaval 2019

Today marks the day I have officially been in Cochabamba, Bolivia for an entire month. February always seems to go by too fast, and this past month abroad has only confirmed this thought. While being abroad and navigating through a new city, I have experienced both culture shock and the reality of how difficult a […]

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Bicycling the Aran Islands

Life has this way of reminding you just how small you are on this earth. You’re lucky if you get a glimpse of this reality frequently in your short time here. Maybe you will have this understanding while standing on top of a snow-capped mountain in New Hampshire or looking out onto the city while […]

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Halfway There

I cannot believe it, but my time in London came to an end on Monday as I moved onto the second half of my study abroad experience in Berlin, Germany. Coming into the city I honestly had no idea what to expect, other than the knowledge of the love for various meats and cheeses that […]

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Traveling Alone: Following My Own Path

When I look back at my arrival day here in Barcelona, I giggle a bit. I had certainly underestimated the weather, I wore layers of clothing and was as nervous and anxious as ever. So here i was, sweating my a** off pulling two suitcases and a backpack, attempting to find where the taxi location […]

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Oh the places I’ve gone

Having a blog is pretty weird for me, but it’ll allow me to rant about my awesome experiences. As I write this, I have officially been in Spain for two weeks, and it has been 11 days since I arrived in Sevilla. As some of you know, when I left for Spain, I posted on […]

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living a dream: part 1

Even on the rainiest of days, England has a way of enchanting its visitors. As I write this, I am looking out of my dorm room window at the roof of the home directly opposite my bed, with a chimney pumping out smoke to heat the building. Although the sky is not particularly bright or […]

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