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Traveling local

Hi guys! As Study abroad in Europe approaches and begins, at the top of most students minds is “I’m going to visit as many countries as I can”. This is not a bad goal -We all must take advantage of each day we have. I especially thought I would go to a lot of countries […]

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Visiting Austrian National Parks

When Americans hear the term “national park” different images come to mind for different people. Maybe it’s the Grand Canyon maybe it’s Boston National Historic Park or maybe it’s Dry Tortugas National Park. The list goes on and they are all so different! In fact, the only real requirement for a national (other than annoying […]

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In the Begining, Salzburg Austria

Hi everyone, my name is Abby Burke (instagram : traveler_007)and I am a Junior at Salve and I am studying at Salzburg College in Salzburg Austria. (Most notably the city where Mozart is from and where the Sound of Music was filmed). Salzburg College is made up of just 13 American study abroad students.  I have been […]

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