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A Farewell to My Adventure

Well, this is the end. Finals are all turned in(fingers crossed), the papers are written and only 2 days remain of my Grand Adventure. I’d like to talk about the experience as a whole, in addition to life here in Alicante, as well as Spain. Because it’s been nearly 4 months of experimentation, I’m sure […]

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Barcelona, in December?

This last weekend we enjoyed a long weekend in observance of the Spanish Saint’s Day of the Immaculate conception. I took this opportunity to explore the Catalonian capital of Barcelona. I left Thursday evening to fly to Madrid before my flight the next morning to Barcelona. Sleeping in airports is not my favorite way to […]

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Valencia, and the Spanish Autumn

It’s been a while since my last post, but I have plenty to share since my last update. Now on the homestretch of this grand adventure of mine, I’ve expanded my horizons within Spain beyond my family apartment in the heart of Alicante. Last month, I took a day trip through to Valencia. And what […]

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The Volvo Ocean Race

Today, I took a little excursion to the Volvo World Ocean Race. A  near two-week sailing event hosted here in Alicante. It is running from the 2nd to the 11th of October before moving to the next port city for the next leg of the race. The Race is beginning here in Alicante and finishes […]

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The Place, the Food and the Family.

After spending my first full month abroad, I can say that I’ve gotten to know many quirks about Spain and the Spanish way of Life. I was actually surprised by the way things are done here. First, Ill begin with my schedule. When I get up in the morning, just before seven, its still dark. […]

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The Air is Breathable

Probably the first thing I noticed upon my arrival in Alicante was how hot it was. It was nearly 10PM, and it was as hot as the hottest days at noon back in New England. 90 to 100 and humid. Flying in All I could see were a few lights, noting to remark at; but […]

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I’m Going on an Adventure.

I guess that the first thing I have to say about this whole experience is that I’m more terrified of the first day of school than I have ever been. Seriously. Exactly one week from the day of my writing this, I will travel the I will embark on a journey that will take me […]

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