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Red Letter Day in the Red Light District

(Don’t read too much into the title, I just can’t resist some good word play) Having tired of all the pesky planning and the obstructive language barriers that comes with international travel, we decided to visit Amsterdam with a tour group. We crossed over to the continent via ferry. I was delighted to see the […]

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Saga of Caledonia

The journey to Scotland was unpleasant to say the least. Being the broke uni students that we are, we elected to travel via Megabus from London to Edinburgh overnight. We thought this would be rather convenient, as we could possibly sleep through most of the journey. Oh, the lies we tell ourselves. I spent the […]

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Barthelona (phonetic spelling)

First of all, I want to wish a very happy birthday to my mother. Although I can’t be with you today, you are always in my thoughts. I hope this blog post will suit as a birthday present until  I return home. I love you, and happy birthday. Our trip to Barcelona came about mainly […]

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A Whale of a Time in Wales

Our trip to Wales came about purely by chance. A few other study abroad students had planned out a Wales trip and shared the information on Facebook. It was relatively inexpensive, so we booked the trip. I knew next to nothing about Wales, except that the heir to the throne of England holds the title […]

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When in Rome…

Although schoolwork is of course the main priority during my study abroad experience (hence the phrase “study” abroad), seeing as much as I possibly can of Europe while I am here is also essential to my experience (hence the phrase study “abroad”). And the number one country I wanted to see was Italy, as a […]

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At midnight this past Thursday, I dragged myself to the train station to start our trek to Gatwick airport where we would be flying to Germany at 6am. I don’t remember much from that night, as I dozed off at any opportunity, but suffice it to say that we landed safely in Germany, and were […]

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Connoisseur of Fine Art

My weekend was once again spent in London, but this time we were lucky enough to enjoy a rare cloudless day. The wind still raged stubbornly, cutting through the thin layers I wore in anticipation of fine weather. I have learned not to complain too much when the sun decides to make an appearance over […]

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Foggy Day in London Town…

… Had me low, had me down, but suddenly, I saw you standing right there, and in foggy London town, the sun was shining everywhere (Name that tune) Last weekend, I made my first sojourn into London for a walking tour. As evidenced by the title, it was a typical London day; foggy, misty, and […]

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Friday the 13th is Our Lucky Day

*Disclaimer: Contains a history lesson, do not continue if you don’t enjoy fascinating stories…you’ve been warned* My newfound friends and I have been having a lot of fun getting to know our little borough of Twickenham, from the magic that is Poundland (basically a dollar store that sells American name-brand products) to the local pubs […]

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