Welcoming in Florence.

DuomoFirst off, this was taken from inside the restaurant of my hotel. And to me this is what makes this experience real. I’d dreamed of going to Italy for 10+ years, and now I’m really here. But more so than just “wanting” to come here, academically I wanted to gain a greater concept of Art in all of its styles for my major in Studio Art, not just paintings, which is my concentration.

Today was my first full day in Florence, I’m already close friends with my roommates and have seen SO MUCH. After the API meeting, I went with my roommates to explore city, the first being the Duomo, which is literally right around the corner from the hotel we’re staying at for orientation. Words are beyond all comprehension right now, that building alone is just AMAZING, and so intricately detailed on the outside (we didn’t go inside) it is incredible.


Close upThis how close we got. And I was also trying to do this without getting anything stolen (’cause I saw a pretty “shade-y” character close to where we were) , so that was the one drawback of this.

And since I’m a bit lost on words right now, here are some more pictures:


street art




I’m more than aware that I will need to STUDY and go to classes, and I have to walk twenty to thirty minutes to get everywhere, but outside of the class, I’m hoping to visit as many museums as I can, climb to the top of the Duomo to see that view, and just absorb the environment.

What else can I say really? I came to explore the art for my major, and the culture, the wonder and adventure of being in a new country, while also gaining a clear understanding of how people interact with each other, and I couldn’t be any happier that I’m finally here.

My biggest fears really are getting lost in the city left and right, primarily if I’m alone (which hopefully won’t be a lot) as well as going out on personal excursions that the program isn’t offering (whether or not I have enough money to get back to Florence, or my stuff gets stolen, etc.) But otherwise, I’m proud to be here, and have great friends and staff to help me.




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