Empiezo mi practica

Last week marked the beginning of my three hundred hour internship – Whew! I can say that starting this week, I am definitely feeling the fatigue of the language barrier getting to me, as I spend the majority of my days at either one of my two internships.

One of them is working in hydrotherapy in a pool with children that are physically and mentally disabled. They are amazing, amazing children and the people that I work with are lovely. My bosses are very patient with the language barrier and I have made friends with the other girls that are also doing their internships at the pool! It has been a rewarding and unforgettable experience so far.

My other internship is at a long term care facility, where I work with the elderly population. This has been a very interesting experience because I have worked in nursing homes within the US before, being a social work major, and I am able to use this experience to compare with my experiences in the past at home. There are some positives and negatives in each – both cultures have their strengths and their weaknesses. So far, though, this has also been a wonderful experience. Everyone living at the long term care facility is like a family – they all take care of each other – and that is wonderful to see. I have only, so far, spent two days there, and I already feel appreciated, welcomed, accepted, and even taken care of. The roles should be reversed, right?

Overall? My experience in Sevilla has been – I can’t even put my experience into words, which is a very cliche sentence for me to say, but now I understand the meaning of that phrase so often used in the English language. This is seriously the most amazing experience I have ever had and I am already dreading the day I leave this city.

¡Hasta luego! – or, in Castellano – ¡Ha luego!

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