Tiempo vuela..

Is really true that time flies waaaaay too fast. It has been a while since I have blogged..so busy! Lets see, since the last time I have been to Jaco beach for a nice relaxing weekend! Yo fui a visitar Los primos de me padre en Estrellios. Esta cerca de playa Jaco..es muy Bonita y have mucho calor. (I went to visit the cousins of my dad in Estrellios. It is near Jaco beach..it is very pretty and very hot!) that was a great weekend! El proxima fin de semana mis amigos y yo fuimos a playa Tamarindo!(the next weekend my friends and I went to tamarindo beach) that was very fun, we went with some of our tico friends that we met..they are great to have around to practice spanish..necessito practicar espanol mas! Lets see, el pasado fin de semana fue mi primero excursion con mi programa API. Nosotros fuimos a Rio Celeste! It was awesome!! We got to see the river, and went on a 4 hour hike in the mud..felt like a kid and loved every minute of it! There was a lot of slipping and falling. Nosotros fuimos a la Baldi Hot Springs, tambien. That was very touristy and upscale, but it was pretty sweet and a nice upgrade from staying at hostels! I have had such a great experience I actually can’t remember life before Costa Rica?! I had one of those moments on my way home from class today..one of those “I’m in Costa Rica..I live here” moments! See I called it home because I really believe it is. I have made a life here and now have friends from here and all over Los Estados Unidos y Canada! Trying hard not to think I only have a little over a month left here..also booked a trip to Panama for a few days at the end of next month during “semana Santa” or Holy Week! Little bit of snorkeling and seeing dolphins..going to be great! Overall I love it. I have learned so much, one of my favorite places to practice my spanish is a handmade market downtown. It is huge and there are so many little shops with souvenirs and what not, and I love going to pick things up and mostly to practice spanish and learn about the locals. That is definitely where I have learned the most. Grateful to be here will forever remain an understatement! Well, until next time..

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