One month and already on vacation!

I cannot believe that it has officially been one month since I arrived in Lyon. That means I only have about two and a half months left in France which is unreal. Last night one of my friends from my program came over to have dinner with me and my host family. We were trying to figure out our traveling plans for the weekends since we want to take weekend trips to different cities in France and we realized we only had five weekends in between all of our other plans that were open for it! I have so many places that I want to go I have no idea how I am going to fit it all in or even pay for it. However, now that is has been a month that I have been here I have finally started to feel acclimated. I absolutely love Lyon and am so glad that I chose to go to a smaller city. There is so much history in this city that really I would have only been able to learn by coming here and there is nothing more beautiful than seeing Lyon lit up at night, especially looking out the window of my dining room and seeing the Cathedral lit up over La Saone. Here is a picture of the Hotel de Ville lit up at night:


Classes here are much different than classes in the US. My schedule consists of three and a half hours of practicing oral/written French on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday mornings and then Wednesday I have four hours of electives and two hours of electives Friday afternoon. In total that is 20 hours of class a week, about five hours more than in the US. I am also finally in the correct level that I wanted and the correct electives that I needed. I have learned here that the French do things at their own pace so I need to balance out being assertive and patient in order to get things done.

But on to more exciting news, in two days I will be on a place going to…get ready for it…ITALY! And for a whole week!! Next week is our spring break so my friend that came over last night and I are flying into Venice to stay with a family friend of hers that lives in Vicenza! I am beyond excited to travel around Italy. We are planning on going to Verona, Venice, and maybe Florence! This will be my first time traveling since I have arrived here and I can’t wait to take advantage of it. I will keep everyone updated on how the trip goes and I’ll take lots of pictures! Ciao and Au revoir!

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