Loco. Crazy. Tres semanas mas. Three weeks more. How did this happen? My mom told me how excited she is, and I am of course excited to see her but I’m actually freak out thinking about it. Tengo vida aqui. I have a life here. I really have to take advantage of every opportunity I am given. Last weekend I went on anexcursion with my program to Corcovado national paaahk. It was amazing, favorite weekend so far, well done API. Last fridaywetook drove for 4 or 5 horas and then took a boat to the isla. And the boat broke down halfway there so we sat in it just talking as a group about all the fun we’ve had for about an hour. Then another boat came and got us and off we went. We stayed in a really cool cabin type place where there was no hot water or electricity (only for a few hours a day) – and it was perfect. Saturday we got up bright and early, ate a phenomenal desayuno and then we took a boat ride and saw DOLpHInS! Then our tour guide took us to a couple places to snorkel, and I told him the one thing I wanted to see was a shark! He found one, a whitetip reef shark, so I can check swimming with sharks off my bucket list! It was unreal. Then we had some downtime where we swam and played in the massive waves. My favorite part was that the isla was so so SO clean- fue muy Bonita. Safe to say it was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. Thank you Costa Rica, you outdid yourself once again.

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