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The Language Learning Experience

The Italian Language and Me The culmination of my five years of Italian language education has led me to this moment: studying abroad for a semester in Milan, Italy. After all, living in Italy for school presents ample opportunities to practice Italian with native speakers. After having taken a challenging, two-week long, intensive Italian language […]

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Tram of Thought

By, Alexander Colon Introduction When you first arrive in a major cosmopolitan city like Milan, the excitement of travel provides all the fuel you need to walk anywhere and everywhere in the city. However, after a couple of days, you will realize, just like I did eventually, that you are tired, your legs hurt, and […]

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Oxford & More: Study Abroad

Logan Plowinske Class on 2024 Social/ Cultural Experiences Oxford is a beautiful city with a lively student population and cultural diversity. One of the social highlights that I experienced in Oxford was going to University Park with some of the other international students that lived in Logan House. The park is a great place to […]

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living a dream: part 2

Today marks the 60th day that I’ve been in London. sixty whole days. dang. In that time, I’ve visited new places, made new friends, and seen so so much. Not only have I done a lot, but I’ve also felt a lot as well. Just as one imagines the UK to be, there are quite […]

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living a dream: part 1

Even on the rainiest of days, England has a way of enchanting its visitors. As I write this, I am looking out of my dorm room window at the roof of the home directly opposite my bed, with a chimney pumping out smoke to heat the building. Although the sky is not particularly bright or […]

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