living a dream: part 2

Today marks the 60th day that I’ve been in London. sixty whole days. dang. In that time, I’ve visited new places, made new friends, and seen so so much. Not only have I done a lot, but I’ve also felt a lot as well. Just as one imagines the UK to be, there are quite a few rainy days. But there are also so many beautiful, sunny ones. I often get more down when it is rainy, I actually have a joke with one of my best friends that when the sky weeps, I weep too. With that being said, every time the clouds break and sun shines through, my mood lifts and I remember how lucky I am to be in such an amazing place. Obviously I always try to focus on the positive aspects of life and portray those to you, but to be realistic, one has to take note of the times they aren’t feeling 100% as well. I’m not a big journal keeper but on this trip, I’ve made an effort to write a small entry each day. As I look back at these entries, I remember all of the little parts of my days that have given me joy and made this experience uniquely mine. I fall more in love with London every day I spend here and I cannot believe my journey is halfway over.


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