Three days and counting

It is a bizarre feeling to know that you are about to leave for France for four months in three days. I just spent my last weekend at Salve visiting my friends until next semester. I won’t be able to cross the Newport Bridge again until June (a sight I have to say that I will miss.) It was really strange not to be able to call the apartment I lived in anymore “mine” and it was even more strange to listen to my friends make plans for the following week that I wouldn’t even be in the country for. However, I also don’t think that it has fully hit me yet. I finally have my visa, have a mostly packed bag, and my plane tickets but I’m still surprisingly calm. The part I am the most nervous about is my two layovers and I know that I’ll only be more nervous on Thursday when I actually leave but I have confidence in myself that I can get there successfully (let’s hope)! I’m excited to meet my host family, I’m excited to see Lyon, and I’m excited to see what awaits me for the next four months! Wish me luck!

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