Bonjour Lyon!

I am happy to say that I successfully navigated myself to Lyon, France all on my own with luckily a total delay time of only 45 minutes. I flew from Bradley (“Hartford”) to Philadelphia on the smallest plane known to man (we had to put our carry ons with the rest of the luggage because the overhead compartments were too small) but that flight was only about an hour. I then went from Philadelphia to Zurich, Switzerland and was happy to find out no one was sitting next to me so I had plenty of room to sleep. Then after arriving in Zurich an hour early the big question was do I have to re-check my luggage since I was switching airlines. I figured I did because I had to check in with Swiss Air. So I followed everyone through customs to the baggage claim where I patiently waited for my baggage only to have a mini heart-attack when it wasn’t there. So I checked my baggage stub which I probably should have done in the first place and it did say Lyon on it so I got over that and then asked someone where I needed to check in and he led me right to it. I went to one of the self check in stations and it didn’t print my boarding pass so then I had to go ask another person what I was doing wrong. Finally after asking a million questions, which I’ve realized isn’t a bad thing, and waiting six hours I was on the last flight to Lyon! It was only 40 minutes and I was met by my host family’s friend. She was very nice and spoke mostly English to me because I could barely put thoughts together in English let alone French I was so exhausted. We took another couple of train rides and were finally at my host family’s apartment or “flat.” C’est tres tres jolie ici! (It’s very very pretty here) The flat over looks the river La Soane. The city is very old and so interesting and not too overwhelming! I can’t wait to explore it tomorrow! I’ve also realized that I might actually lose weight abroad because for dinner we had pumpkin soup which I’m surprised I liked, pasta with butter and no tomato sauce might I add, bread, and fruit for dessert. Not exactly what I’m used to at home but it was good! I can already feel my French coming back and improving since my host family rarely will speak to me in English so I really don’t have a choice! I’m glad to have finally made it to Lyon and can’t wait to see what’s in store for me the next four months!

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