The One With The Sore Feet

It’s day two of living in London, and it turns out that the grass really is greener on the other side.

Roughly 47% of the greater London area is covered in vegetated green space (this figure actually excludes an additional 14% of space covered by private gardens!) SO far, my two favorites have been Kensington Greens and Hyde Parks. The cover about 1250 acres of London and has been Operated by the Royal Parks of London since its opening in 1637. 10/10 would recommend taking your morning runs or afternoon walks through the parks (just be careful where you step, because the guards horses take their afternoon strolls through these parks as well).

Today, I had the pleasure of seeing all of this today!

Tip of the day: do not wear heels on a walking tour, because your feet will not look or feel the same after 20 miles in the streets of London.

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