You Will Fall in Love

I’ve been in Costa Rica for about a month now and have fallen in love with this country. This country is magical and I have fallen in love with not only the country, but the people here: locals and backpackers. The never ending beaches, the jungle, the mountains, the smiles on people’s faces, the smell, the music and so on.  I thought the best way to begin my first blog post would be to show you a months worth of pictures I’ve taken throughout my adventure. They say “a picture speak a thousand words.” To me, these pictures speak millions.


This was my first meal in Costa Rica. They call this dish ‘Casado’, which means marriage in Spanish. The plate consists of a meat, rice, beans, salad and fruit. I probably eat this at least once a day. It’s not only delicious, but it is very filling.

This picture was taken in the first ever hostel I stayed at. Hostels are awesome! Not only was this hostel nestled in the jungle, but also I met such amazing people while staying there. The people you meet at hostels will change your life. Hearing their travelling experiences, receiving advice from them and just enjoying each others company is one of my favorite parts of travelling.


My first ever sloth encounter. These furry animals are adorable!! In Costa Rica, they are everywhere.


Step out of your comfort zone. On this day, I hiked up Arenal Volcano through downpour, mud and an intense incline. Throughout the hike, I questioned if I could make it to the top, but I did. I can now say I swam in a lagoon in a volcano. After my tour, we got to see two beautiful suspension bridges, as you can see. As well we went to the hot springs and had volcanic mud facials.

Unfortunately, I reached the amount of space I can upload. I have a lot more to show so in a couple of a days, I will post more. If you have any questions about Costa Rica, anything, just message me. I’d love to help. Until then, Pura Vida.



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