This Too Shall Pass

‘This too shall pass’ is one of my favorite quotes because every down can always be overcome. While traveling, especially if this is your first trip, you will experience this lovely (not really) thing called culture shock. It basically goes like this: you arrive in your country and everything is so amazing and fun you immediately decide you are gonna move there after college and live the Pura Vida life like I thought. Then, out of no where, you start getting anxiety, nervous, scared, homesick, anti-social, emotional and you might literally consider going home (this only happened for maybe 10 minutes but it happened). This will pass. I promise you. In my journey, it lasted about two days and then passed. I actually called my sister maybe three times a day during this time, don’t do that! Once a day is a lot better. Great coping strategies include: stop going on social media, read a book, talk to a local, make friends, go out, dance your heart out, laugh until you cry!  Please understand that if you are in this transition and you have anxiety, you are not alone. Everyone goes through this and use that knowledge to motivate you, it will help you get through it faster, trust me. Now on a brighter note, here are some awesome pictures I’ve taken along my journey!

If you ever get the chance to travel with a sibling, do it. If you ever get the chance to go to Puerto Viejo, do it. Both are pretty awesome! Puerto Viejo is my favorite place in Costa Rica (so far) and my sister is my favorite person (sometimes)  in the world so the experience was amazing.


Santa Teresa, Costa Rica. This place has the most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen, well behind Newport so second best. Every single day, the sunset looks like this. It is breathtaking. Santa Teresa is also a great place to surf!

Oh yeah, I go to school too. Here’s me in front of my school. Veritas is a beautiful university nestled in Zapote, Costa Rica. It’s an art school so the architecture is absolutely beautiful. I take four business electives here and ever teacher I have is so unique. One of my professors worked for the UN, another for the Peace Corps and another is a Laughter Yoga instructor. Veritas not only offers unique classes, but the food here is muy rico (delicious) !!


To end, here is a welcome sign at a hostel in Puerto Viejo. Yes, I went back. I fell in love. Apparently salve means welcome! Thought that was pretty cool.


Pura Vida,



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