The One Where Kerry Wasn’t Ready

If you know me, and I assume anyone reading my blogs does, you’ll know that one of my favorite TV shows is F.R.I.E.N.D.S. If you know me well, then you’ll know that one of my favorite episodes is “The One Where No One Is Ready.” The plot of the episode is centered around Ross’s anxiety over his friends taking too long to get ready for an event and procrastinating getting ready up until the last minute. This week, I got an inside view of the plot by procrastinating packing for London, much to my family’s dismay.

While not much packing was done, I’ve compiled a list of of things that I did find time to do this week…

  1. Packed for London.
  2. Rewarded myself for packing by going shopping at TJMaxx.
  3. Panicked when I realized I would need to pack what I just bought.
  4. Unpacked.
  5. Decided to reorganize my entire room.
  6. Got overly emotional over everything found in my room.
  7. Read old journals and reminisced about my life circa 2000.
  8. Took a nap.
  9. Woke up from nap, too exhausted from sleeping to do much, and decided to watched Netflix.
  10. Finished season 5 of Gilmore Girls.
  11. Finished season 6 of Gilmore Girls.
  12. Rethought my entire wardrobe and repacked.
  13. Decided that I couldn’t leave for London until my Spotify playlists were organized, and turned on music.
  14. Spent the next few hours browsing through social media.
  15. Got excited over spending the next 6 months in Europe.
  16. Unpacked when I realized I needed to be packing for every kind of weather.
  17. Planned trips to Paris, Rome, and Wales.
  18. Watched documentaries about orcas.
  19. Googled different packing strategies.
  20. Ended up on Buzzfeed and took every single quiz possible.
  21. Repacked and convinced myself to stop procrastinating.
  22. Took a nap.
  23. Unpacked the already packed bag after deciding I wasn’t happy with it.
  24. Got emotional and threw away all of the clothes from the bag.
  25. Went back to TJMaxx to start a new wardrobe.
  26. Panicked when TJMaxx was closed.
  27. Panicked when I realize how irrational throwing everything away was.
  28. Took another nap.

So it is now January 9th, 2017 at 2:43 PM and it is officially moving day! My bags are finally packed and I am one step closer to the beginning of my European adventure!

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