The One In Buckingham Palace

Yep…you read the one right…in…not at…not near…in…I, Kerry Elizabeth Hayes, was IN Buckingham Palace. I, of course, was not at all shocked to be inside; I had assumed that Queen Elizabeth II (Lizzie, as I now call her, as we are very close friends…) would have invited me over eventually, and I was honestly a tad annoyed that it her her this long anyway. My mother on the other hand, was crying from the moment we stepped foot inside the gates. She had just started to watch The Crown on Netflix about Queen Elizabeth II, and so naturally she is the expert and fanatic on everything to do with the royal family. “Watch The Crown! It’s on Netflix, you’ve got to watch The Crown. You would understand everything so much better if you watched The Crown like me…”

We walked through galleries, ballrooms, drawing rooms, and I still can’t believe the entire experience was real!

If you know me, and I assume that if you read my posts, then you do, you’ll know that I am without a doubt, one of the clumsiest people ever to walk to planet. Likewise, if you know me, you’ll most likely know, or have heard of my mother, Meg. If you know Meg, you’ll know that she is not clumsy and has herself together most of the time. Unlike myself. Now, when I walked into the palace, I was on edge the entire time. God forbid I fall down the stairs, drag dirt through the palace, or do something offensive or embarrassing. Luckily for me, my mom had that taken care of. We were just leaving one of the rooms, and had to walk down the grand staircase. It was all very royal and elegant, and didn’t actually feel like real life! So at that point, she decided that she would fit in well with this lifestyle, and figured she needed to practice her royal entrances. “I feel like Princess Mia from the Princess Diaries right now!” She then proceeded to try and gracefully glide down the stairs (or something like that). “Watch…I am Princess M….” BOOM. Before she even said her name, she welt flying down on her bum down the of the Queen of England’s grand staircase.

After buying nearly everything in the palace gift shop (the Queen can comfortably retire after everything we bought there…) we left, with tears in our eyes, and no more cash in our pockets. We exited out the front entrance through the giant gates, and you can bet that I was waving to everyone from inside of the gate.

As unfair as it may sound, we were not permitted to take any photographs during our tour. It was the most amazing place, and although I would’ve given anything to have just one picture, it was just not worth it to have been kicked out of Buckingham Palace. Like I said, I don’t have any pictures of the experience, so you’re all going to need to believe me and wait until you get your own invite. And don’t worry, I’ll be sure to put in a good word with Lizzie.

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