The Brighton One

Brighton is located in the South of England, in East Sussex. It is home the the Brighton Marina, Royal Pavilion, Palace Pier, and museums and arts galleries. Although the town is known for nightlife, art community, shopping, and festivals, we couldn’t pull ourselves away from the pier that day!

Brighton Palace Pier opened in 1899 and has become a tourist attraction filled with arcades, slots, amusement park rides, and lots and lots of fried foods. We all commented that the pier resembled some kind of off-brand Disney Land (Whether that is good or bad!).

Our day started with some over priced fish and chips along the coast, and was followed by spending way too much money at the arcades. The rain that day didn’t slow us down at all, because we ended up on nearly every ride on the pier, at least twice. Likewise, attempted to keep the hot dogs, cotton candy, and donuts while we screamed on the roller coasters.

That trip was definitely one of my favorite days being abroad.  It was a quick trip, and like all of the others, not nearly long enough. But we had enough laughs, ate enough junk food, and made enough memories to last us awhile (after that we will just have to go back!)

10/10 would recommend Brighton Palace Pier!

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