Surfs Up

On my third day in Melbourne, Australia my university took us on a 4.5-hour bus ride to the town of Warrnambool. The two night and three-day welcome trip was something I anticipated for MONTHS. The trip was targeted for international and study abroad students to get to know one another and to also immerse themselves in the Australian culture.

The first night our dinner was blessed by a member of the Aboriginal Australian community. He gave us a brief description of his tribe and what it meant to be a native from Australia. He showed us one of their songs and we all sang along before eating our dinner.

On the second night, we had a jammed pack day filled with so many activities. In the morning we went surfing. The weather was definitely not our side, it was cold, windy and raining all at once. Once we hit the waves the weather calmed down and everyone was having a great time. Surfing is a lot harder than I had expected but it is extremely fun. I was not able to catch a wave this time around but I will keep my hopes up for the next time. The rest of the day included in playing some Australian sports such as Lawn Bowls and their version of football, “Footy”. The day ended with yoga and we did some interesting partner yoga positions. Everyone felt so “zen” it was the perfect way to finish the day.

On our third day, we took a trip to Tower Hill Wildlife Reserve. We met with someone from the Aboriginal Australian tribe and he showed us how to successfully throw a boomerang, a spear and showed us the tools they used for hunting. On the reserve, we got to see some koalas and wallabies! Kangaroo sausage was offered as part of lunch although I did not try any, it rumored to be quite tasty.


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