my home stay mom may or may not know about the roof climbing incident that i just posted about

Sorry guys that i am going out of order, but i figured my story from last night when my parents and grandparents who are visiting took my host family out to dinner (9/17/12) would go great with my last roof catastrophe post.

^the note my parents and grandparents left me on my school’s front door when they got here since we had no other form of communication

^my pop-pop (left) who is here visiting with my home stay dad at dinner!


ok so here it goes:

last night i went out to dinner with my parents and grandparents and my home stay family. it was literally awesome. my grandparents both speak spanish (they live in puerto rico for part of the year) and my mom understands everything but is scared to speak it since she forgets a lot. my dad only knows how to say hola and gracias. (i actually was impressed by my spanish skills, i was able to translate a lot for my dad! my home stay family thinks differently though, they always make fun of me for being so clueless) anyway, one of our topics of conversation was how my mom’s first home stay student she ever had ended up climbing on he roof (the same thing joey and i did as explained in my last post) except she said one of the neighbors saw him and was yelling thief, thief and called the cops. from then on, they called him tarzan. especially since he jumped off the roof because he panicked and tried hiding/squatting in a tarzan- like position on the corner. i was laughing so hard the entire conversation, and was thinking about confessing my roof incident, but then decided against it. best dinner ever. except i cant help to think that my home stay mom purposely brought up the story to get me to crack.

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