Night 1 in Costa Rica: I get locked out, end up on roof

What is pictured below may simply seem like the view from my balcony, but of course, nothing ever seems to go smoothly for me. Let me explain my first extreme failure of my study abroad journey in Puntarenas, Costa Rica….

So there is a guy named Joey from California who is fluent in English and Spanish who is temporarily living with my home stay family. (Side note: here is no longer living with my family anymore as of today since i wrote this a while ago). Anyway….He is literally my personal translator/dictionary because my home stay family does not speak a word of English. When I got to Puntarenas a few nights ago, he brought me out with him to show me around and introduce me to some Ticos (Ticos are the locals here). When we got back to the house, Joey and I tried opening the door with his keys but we could not get it open for the life of us. We were banging on the door to try and wake up our home stay brother because he was sleeping on the couch but he literally coma status. (By the way, this is all happening around 3 or 4 a.m. because my flight got in pretty). Anyway, to make a long story short, we come to the conclusion that getting into the house via the roof is our best option at this point in time… so day 1, within the first few hours of me being in Puntarenas, I am already….. a. climbing up the front of my home stay house and b. getting pushed up onto my home stay family’s roof (which you can tell is not very trustworthy looking by examining the picture above) then doing some type of James Bond log roll once on the roof to get to my balcony (side note#1: we were both dripping wet because of our late night swim in the ocean which massively complicated the whole trying to get onto the roof thing and side note #2: I just want to mention for the sake of my mother who will be reading this, that there are no sharks or crocodiles where we swam). The entire time I was laughing so hard I could barely breathe, but freaking out that my home stay mom was going to wake up and discover her spazz of a home stay daughter rolling around on her roof the first night (which by the way wasn’t even worth it because my balcony door was locked anyway and I had to go through the trouble of trying to get back down off the roof, in which the gutter may or may not have broken?)……… Now today (a few days since the roof climbing incident) after one of my classes, I came home to find a worker up on the roof (in the same spot where I got thrown up by Joey) fixing the gutter… hm.
Luckily mamá (my home stay mom) just uncontrollably laughed at us the next day for not being able to figure out the door…

Also, since I have already brought up the topic of failures, I might as well share with you how yesterday I accidently pulled off the entire handrail of the steps going upstairs in my house.

World’s greatest home stay daughter?

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