La Dolce Vita

Living in Italy is teaching me to embrace the challenges and savor every moment.  Ciao! I am Grace Garland, a Marketing major from Chicago and am spending the fall semester of my senior year in Rome at the American University of Rome.

Studying abroad is an adventure that opens doors to new cultures, perspectives, and experiences. For many students, it’s a dream come true to immerse themselves in a foreign land, and one of the most captivating destinations for such an adventure is Rome, the Eternal City. This is the story of a student who embarked on a transformative journey in Rome, embracing the beauty and challenges of studying in this timeless city. 

The initial days in Rome are nothing short of magical. The overwhelming excitement blends with a touch of nervousness as you navigate a city where every street corner tells a story. The architecture is a masterpiece in itself, with grand structures standing as a testament to centuries of art, history, and culture. Living in a new country comes with its set of challenges. Navigating a foreign language, adapting to cultural nuances, and finding a balance between academic responsibilities and exploration can be overwhelming. Yet, it’s within these challenges that true growth emerges. 

Overcoming language barriers and adapting to a different pace of life fosters resilience and adaptability. Making mistakes while ordering food in Italian or getting lost in the winding streets becomes part of the learning process, teaching valuable lessons about patience, humility, and the beauty of embracing the unfamiliar.  

Studying abroad in Rome is more than an academic endeavor; it’s a transformative experience that shapes one’s worldview. It’s about building bridges between cultures, forming lifelong friendships, and with the essence of la dolce vita—the sweetness of life, I know the memories I have made here will last forever.  

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