Goodbye New York!

Saturday 31-8-13

My phone says 2:28am, but the sun is bright and shining outside the plane windows.  I feel really tired, but I am sure it won’t take too long to adjust to the 6 hour time difference. It still feels unreal that I have set off on my 3 ½ month journey to Sevilla.  I remember applying for this program in January and thinking that I had so much time to prepare. Nope – It snuck up on me even though I knew it would eventually come.  Saying goodbye to family and friends yesterday was hard, but necessary.

I am starting my blog on paper until I figure out how to upload my posts when I settle in! So anyway, this post will have bits and pieces from my time travelling. Not really sure what day it is right now…LOL.

I am personally not a huge fan of flying so travelling by myself is a little nerve wrecking. My first flight was good, no complaints!  I had a 2 or so hour layover in Madrid which was hard to get through.  I did not find anyone from my program on my first flight and after I landed in Madrid I had to wait a little while longer for a gate to be assigned to my second flight.  In order to figure this out I had to go to the information desk and ask the receptionist in Spanish for help finding my way.  She was very helpful and I was surprised I was able to understand her response the first time!  While I waited I walked around the airport and bought a water and some fresh fruit.  I was fighting the urge to fall asleep the whole time I waited!  The airport was not what I expected.  I expected more people and to see a lot more buildings, life and people when looking outside the windows into the distance.  It did not look like an airport that was in the capital of a country.  I eventually found my gate and meandered over to wait which is where I found my roommate, Kiah. It was nice to meet her and to talk in person!

I was in and out of consciousness during the second flight, which was only 50 minutes.  I could not keep my eyes open for anything!  That flight went well too.  Once we collected our luggage, Spanish Studies Abroad staff were waiting to help us find taxis to our homestays.  It was nice that I found Kiah because we were able to share a cab and find our new home together.

First of all – It is hot!  Second of all – Home sweet home!  Our señora is Mercedes, except in Sevilla the people cut words as short as they can so you do not pronounce the “s”.  We live on the second floor of one of the many buildings.  The house is very homey and Kiah and I have bedrooms right next to each other.

Time to unpack then we have orientation at the center at 6pm. ¡Hasta luego!

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