Alicante, Spain: Part II

Time has really flown by since I arrived to Spain almost two months ago!  It still amazes me that even though this is my third time in Spain I still learn and see new things everyday.  The most exciting thing for me this month was being able to explore Barcelona with a cousin who I had never met and has been living there for almost five years now.  While there I also got to meet up with my friend Christelle, who used to be a TA at Salve and was in charge of french in the language house.  Being able to meet a family member, see a beautiful city, and be reunited with my friend all in one weekend was extremely exciting! I got to see all the major attractions in Barcelona, including La Sagrada Familia and a Monastery called Montserrat located on the top of a mountain, which was my favorite.


Other than my trip to Barcelona I have been focusing on schoolwork and  adapting to this new school that I find very different from Salve.  Also I have been hanging out with new friends and definitely missing my friends back at Salve as well.  I plan to continue making the most of my stay here in Alicante and I am looking forward to my future adventures during my finals months here.

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