A Month Down Under

Hi, my name is Bryn Protheroe and I am currently studying in Sippy Downs, Australia. I am studying Psychology and minoring in Global Studies. While in Sippy Downs I am at the University of Sunshine Coast living in the Varsity Apartments student accommodations. I arrived only three and a half weeks ago and have already had the experience of a lifetime.

When first arriving in the country the unthinkable happened, both of my checked bags were left back in the US. This would not have been all too bad if I had packed a few pairs of shorts in my carry on, but I was only left with the pants I had been wearing for the entire trip and a few t-shirts. However, once I got settled in and started meeting new people, I told them about my situation. I swear all of the friends I made were offering my shorts to wear for the next day, a pair of pajamas, and bathing suits. Everyone here is so kind and friendly that it was hard not to make friends. I did end up receiving my luggage but if it were not for the kindness of those friends that I made I do not think I would have made it through my first week. Not only are the friends I have made here wonderful, but even strangers are also so friendly. When sitting outside if someone walks by, they will wave or even stop to have a chat despite never seeing them before. 

The organization of courses here is slightly different to back home. The course will have you listen to online seminars in addition to reading the textbook on your own. While this may not seem like a large difference it took some adjusting to become productive on my own with so many other things going on. I have now been able to get into a flow of a social life and my studies. The course coordinators or professors are very helpful and accommodating which makes me feel so much more comfortable in asking questions and receiving assistance.

In addition to my studies, I have also found myself going to the beach every week and lathering myself in sunscreen. There has not been one beach that has not taken my breath away. During the beginning of the semester UniSC had orientation week and connect week which allowed for plenty of time to settle in and create new experiences. These programs gave me opportunities to sign up for surfing lessons, meet various animals, and meet new people. 

Hopefully the next blog I write I will be more adjusted to the humidity. Can’t wait to share my future adventures in Australia!

Bryn Protheroe (’25) is a Psychology Major and Global Studies Minor at Salve Regina University studying abroad at University of Sunshine Coast in Sippy Downs, Australia.

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