Roadtrip of a Lifetime

Spring break was something that was never accessible to me, with COVID-19 still on the rise my freshman, sophomore, and junior year. As a senior abroad I knew this would be the perfect change to explore and be able to really travel during a school vacation.

As my friends and I gathered ideas of where our journey could begin. As our ideas began flowing we finally decided. A roadtrip! This would give us the ability to have our own freedom, make our own way, see lots of places throughout any places of Australia we wanted. As we planned and booked hostels, flights, car rentals, and activities the excitement built up.

From Brisbane to Cains and all the way down the east coast, exploring and sightseeing filled our days. Cairns was where we were able to take a boat to Fitzroy island and explore the Great Barrier Reef. The culture in Cairns was more diverse than anywhere in Australia I had explored. I think throughout the entire roadtrip the most Northern part of Australia, Carins, was the most interesting to explore to see how much of a diverse difference it was between people and culture just a few hours North. We then traveled to a more remote area. With the help of a kind stranger who lent us snorkeling gear we could swim through the warm waters and snorkel to examine amazing fish and other sea animals.

Between long car rides, snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef, boat rides, and surfing this spring break was gladly the only one to remember. Great memories and different experiences shared with others I am glad my time at abroad allowed me to study and explore the great areas of beautiful Australia.

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