Wrapping It Up!

Morocco may have been my favorite trip, but I discovered my favorite city in Spain which is Barcelona! There is something about Barcelona that warms my heart. The buildings are very unique with beautiful structures and the atmosphere is very different. The streets are cluttered with spanish speaking people and musicians full the train stations playing their authentic music. Sometime you can visit a city once and be contempt with it, but this is not the case for Barcelona. I will make it a priority to go back and make sure that my family gets the same experience of this city.


On another hand, I only find it appropriate to mention what is going on here in Europe. I do not study in France, but I have been there once before, and I had a trip planned for Paris this weekend but canceled it. I must say that what’s going on is a nightmare for any study abroad student. One of my close friends was actually studying in the city and went home early due to safety issues. My heart truly does go out to all the people who was directly and indirectly affected by this horrible attack.


Being in Europe has allowed me to see the way Americans react, but as an outside viewer it has been very interesting. There has been a lot of controversy about many attacks being underrepresented. I think that these attacks are horrible and they happen more often than we think. Many of us may not know what happens outside of our home countries, and you can not blame a person for what they do not know. However, you can educate. While many people were changing their profile pictures to France’s flag I changed mine to an image of the world map that shows all flags. I am praying for the world because currently Im starting to lose my faith in it. During this time their were many of other attacks that the media chose to not cover. My purpose is not to take away anything that happened to Paris, but to educate people about the attacks and horrible natural disasters that happen to often to places like Syria, Kenya, Nigeria, China, Mexico and many more. Maybe when the world is educated on everything they will show the same amount of sympathy and love for other places.

I have twenty one days left and I can not believe it. Sometimes I forget that I am a junior because I can’t believe that this is considered school. Don’t get me wrong, I am being academically challenged. However, it slips my mind too often that this is the first half of my junior year and that when I get back it will be the last part of my junior year. Senior year is literally around the corner! At this point in my experience I am just trying to do as much as  I can in Bilbao before I say goodbye.


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