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Italian Street Style

When people think of Italy they think of two things… food and fashion. One thing I’ve noticed over the few months living here is that Italians do not dress down; they take their individual style very seriously. Its never just an outfit to throw on to quickly run to the corner store, it is a […]

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The Time We Went Hiking

As my friends and I headed up the mountains of Cinque Terre, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, well at least I didn’t. Along the sides of the cliff, there were no railings or rope to hold onto. Just us and the edge. Being terrified of heights this was very challenging […]

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The Italian Way of Life

As I was preparing myself for my trip to Italy, I couldn’t help but to worry about standing out. Having blonde hair and light features is not exactly “common” for Italians, so I knew I would stick out like a sore thumb. Upon my arrival, I was shocked to see how many Italians automatically greeted […]

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