Coming to an end…

These past few months abroad have been filled with the most memorable experiences… I have met so many people and seen so many unique places. When I first took off from Boston airport, I had mixed feelings. I was excited, but nervous. Happy to get away, but also sad to be gone for so long. I was scared to go to another country, not really knowing the language and having to figure everything out for myself. My mind was a rollercoaster full of thoughts and emotions. Once I got to Rome, however, I automatically felt comfortable; it felt like home to me. Throughout my journey I made so many new friends and memories that will last me a lifetime. Although studying abroad was not financially in my favor, I did what I could to make it work and I couldn’t be any happier. Seeing different countries and learning about new cultures has truly opened my eyes and also my heart. It has made me realize that everyone is different and every town and city is unique in its own special way. These past 4 months have been life-changing… an experience I will forever hold in my heart. As I pack my bags and get ready to return to Newport, I can only be happy that I was able to experience this. Though it is bittersweet saying goodbye to my friends and professors abroad, I hope to return some day. Rome truly is like home to me and I cannot express how greatly this experienced impacted my life. I recommend studying abroad. Although living in a foreign country may seem too expensive or crazy far-fetched, it is certainly worth it.

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