Italian Street Style

When people think of Italy they think of two things… food and fashion. One thing I’ve noticed over the few months living here is that Italians do not dress down; they take their individual style very seriously. Its never just an outfit to throw on to quickly run to the corner store, it is a show. A show that can tell the people of the city who you are and the kind of style you represent; bold, chic, classy.. the list goes on and on. It is part of the Italian culture to watch people. They look you up and down to check you out whether it is at the caffe or a walk by on the street. In America, however, staring someone up and down can be taken as an insult, but here in Italy it is nothing but a compliment. The longer the look, the better the outfit. You can tell that Italians are very passionate about their style, choosing their outfits down to the last golden hoop and studded boot detail. You will never see an Italian walk the streets in leggings and a hoodie with their hair askew, it just does not happen. There is passion and excitement behind every outfit. It really is quite a show.

Men and women of all ages are dressing to impress. It is not uncommon to see elderly Italian women in leather wedges on cobblestone streets with a colorful straight crop pant and trendy accessories. However, style ranges drastically between ages and people. Platform shoes with shredded or high wasted crop jeans, belts, and stylish t-shirts you will see constantly from the twenties crowd of Rome. As age increases, a more reserved look comes to show with possibly a necktie scarf, high wasted palazzo dress pants and slip-ons. Men are no different than women; blazer jackets are a necessity along with stylish loafers and tiny fit pants that NEVER touch the ground. One thing about mens fashion is that their ankles are always showing… strange. Maybe it’s the competition of other looks that increases outfit creativity or maybe it’s a hobby among others that keeps the daily life exciting. Whatever the reason, the fashion combinations are extensive and every new day comes with new style inspiration.

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