Watching People Go

Tis the season for study abroad departures!  Watching all my friends and peers posting pictures from their planes is so amazingly bittersweet to see. It brings me great joy to see my friends embarking on their own amazing journies, but I must say I’m a tad bit jealous that I don’t start my time in Buenos Aires until March! I guess it provides  all the more time for planning and reflection of my upcoming trip though.

I’m equal parts terrified and excited to go abroad. It’s an amazing way to finish out my Spanish major and gain the language fluency I’ll need as an educator, but I can’t deny how terrified I will be at first. I greatly look forward to making new friends and learning as much as I can about a language I love so much! I also hope to fit a tango lesson in somewhere 🙂

Adios for now, and buena suerte to all mis amigos all over the world!

P.s. Spanglish is totally it’s own language, as I have learned from many ESL students that I have worked with.

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