The three magics of the city: history, community, and landscape 

After a fabulous spring break in Santorini, it was time to come back to my new home, Salzburg. The second block of the semester began with a visit to Schloss Leopold, the castle used in “The Sound of Music”. The castle featured large marble halls that resembled the ones at Salve Regina; rooms filled with extraordinary wooden carvings. There we were told that in one of the rooms by the fireplace the decision was made to create “Salzburg College”, after the second World War to unite the two countries. There was also a two-story library that had hidden passages connecting all the rooms in the castle. It was just another beautiful day exploring the history of what makes the city of Salzburg so magical.  

Schloss Leopold Library

Not only is the history what I found so fascinating about this new place, it was also the community.  

20th birthday celebration!

It was the eve of my 20th birthday; I was getting ready for dinner when another student from the study abroad program asked me to come upstairs to the kitchen. When I walked in, I was surprised by 20+ people, that made a beautiful Austrian cake for me & wanted to celebrate! This study abroad experience has allowed me to make many new friends that I share a special bond with. We all went through this initially scary experience together. We also all have many things in common, we all love to travel, love to try new things and embrace and welcome each new day in Salzburg.  

I was also mesmerized by the scenery and nature of the city. The city is nestled between two mountains, the Kaputzinerberg and the Mönchsberg. A beautiful turquoise river, the Salzach splits the city into “New Town” and “Old Town.” Little alleys outline the city, filled with Austrian cuisine, antique stores and especially with stores that sell the traditional Austrian dress, Dirndl for women and Lederhosen for men. Around every corner was a little beauty, explaining the vast number of tourists that bustle through the streets every day.  

I am so glad I chose Salzburg for my study abroad semester, I can’t wait to see and learn more things. 

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