The Mooloolaba Beach Gatherings

26-hour flight ahead all alone. Can I really do it? These were my initial thoughts. Saying bye to my family and friends knowing I wouldn’t see them for 4.5 months and not knowing when I would be able to talk to them once I landed in Australia with the 14-hour time difference. Yes, you can do it. Leading up to my travels people kept telling me “This will be the experience of a life-time” I believed them but didn’t really think much of it. It has been the experience of a lifetime. 

Fearful of doing this alone should have been my last worry. Going through such a huge experience like this was scary but was also one of the best decisions I have made so far. One aspect of studying abroad is traveling to new and exciting places. Being in Australia this happens every day. But you don’t have to travel far to experience beautiful and breath-taking scenes. For example, just a 30-minute bus ride you from campus you arrive at the Mooloolaba beach. 

This beach has been the event place for birthdays, celebrations, after school beach volleyball games, picnic sunsets, and morning surfs at sunrise. I believe this to be one of my favorite spots during my semester here. Just the second day of being in Australia this was my first place I experienced. As my feet touch the warm soft sand I was bombarded with friendly smiles and kind greetings. People from South Africa, Norway, Germany, and of course Australia was eager to get to know me. Forgetting all about my jetlag I was excited and ready to see where this amazing journey takes me. 

At Mooloolaba beach I spent my second day here meeting amazing people worldwide and playing beach volleyball all getting to know about each other and their home countries and what brought them to Australia. My last night in Australia I asked everyone to gather for on last picnic at sunset where I could say my goodbyes. With tears filled in our eyes we began reflecting on great memories that we spent at this exact beach. Memories such as birthdays, after school fun, weekend surf lessons, and many more came to mind. As we said goodbyes I explained that it is a “see you later” as I had high hopes that we will all reunite sometime soon.

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