Study Abroad Bucket List

Studying abroad can take you to some amazing locations. Before preparing to go abroad, you may have an idea of some of the exciting new locations that you want to check out in the country you are going to be studying in. When I was preparing to go to Kyoto, I bought tourist books, looked up vacation guides on pinterest, and read many blog posts from other travelers. One thing I quickly realized when arriving here is that there’s way more to see and do than I had originally thought. Even though I will be in Japan for over five months, the amount of shrines, temples, malls, and museums to visit in Kyoto is overwhelming. In order to make sure I can leave Kyoto at the end of this semester with #NoRegrets I decided to make a Study Abroad Bucket List.

I made my bucket list by first writing down the top places I knew I had to go to either because they were highly recommended or kept popping up in traveler blogs. Then I wrote down some of the places around my apartment or places I have heard friends talk about but do not know too much about. I feel like those are always the places we say we’ll go to some day but then forget about. The longer I’m here for, the more I add to the bucket list. It’s helpful because I know I’m not forgetting any of the big “must sees” and because when I have a nice day off it’s an easy way to plan what I want to do. Right now, I have 16 items on the list and have visited 6 of them.

It might seem like you have all the time in the world, but when classes start months can zoom past quicker than you realize. I think having a list of where you want to go before leaving is a helpful way to keep track of your time abroad and make the most of the experience.

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