Sevilla–Semana Santa

As another month closes on my study abroad adventure I cannot help but feel grateful for the chance to live in Spain. Across the country everyone is currently celebrating Semana Santa, also known as Holy Week.

Lucky for me, Sevilla is well known for Semana Santa, (and Feria–but I’ll touch on that in another post). Semana Santa is a perfect example of a passionate observance of tradition, with elaborate pasos that are topped with statutes of religious figures, (floats), that are carried by costaleros. The most crucial point of the procession is when the floats reach their respective churches. Within the procession there are other key figures known as nazarenos and capataz. There are also saetas, which are flamenco inspired songs sung without music and with total silence from the crowd. Overall, Semana Santa is an experience that you can’t miss out on, especially since it is so emotionally charged and an integral part of Spanish culture.

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