Sea Life’s Beauty

People ask me why I decided to study abroad in San Sebastian, Spain, and the first reason I think of is that it is right on the coast. Growing up along the sunny coasts of San Diego and deciding to attend college along the mansion lined Atlantic coast of Newport, Rhode Island, it seemed only fitting that I would choose a coastal town halfway around the world. Half of the walk to school is along the Bahia de la Concha, the coastal view picture when first typing in “San Sebastian, Spain” into Google. Just around the corner is the surfing beach, which was my second main reason for deciding to study here. For the first week and a half I have been here, the surf has been moderate 2-3 ft with the water being in the low to mid-50s. I’ll definitely be writing more about the surf reports and my surfing experience as the semester goes on, but this was just a quick overview of the beach scene here so far. With all these new experiences happening in another country, the calming feel of living on the ocean again brings excitement to overcome fear and anxiety as I begin this new adventure!

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